Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cytc 新聞閱讀器






Monday, 26 August 2013

Cytc News Reader

News Reader Version 5.02c

Share your news you like to your friends in Android!

It's the easiest way to read newspapers. It includes lots of newspapers, some useful web sites for Android smartphones and tablets. Other web sites you can surf in the App are weather information, Facebook, Google and so on.

Functions of the App:

1. Share the articles you read via Facebook, whatsApp, email, SMS and so on.
2. Text version or Full Image version is provided.
3. Adjust the brightness of the Android device in the app.
4. Skweezer or Google Mobile for mobile device.
5. Automatically clear cache when you quit the App.
6. Automatically transfer from web sites to Text Mode.
7. Provide Print Screen Image Function and Saving Text Function in Reading Mode for offline reading.
8. Android device will not be auto-slept during reading.
9. Other user-friendly settings are provided such as the adjustment of font sizes, homepage settings...

Version 5.02c Update

1. Improving all the lists in the app by highlighting the item selected by users.
2. Adding comment-and-reply board.
3. Adding the function of auto-scrolling in Reading mode.
4. Improving print screen function by providing the ways for users to choose either portrait or landscape direction.
5. Improving the loading of print screen image. We avoid to use the web to open the image because the web sometime has the problem to handle large size image in the Print Screening Function.
6. Avoiding auto scroll to the top after loading the web page by dragging down the web.
7. Fixing minor bugs and improving the interface.
8. Updating Admob.
9. Improving the function by sharing the print screen image and text in reading mode.

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