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Pudding 布丁

Pudding 布丁



Pudding head”是指一個愚蠢的人。

Pudding heart ”是指某人是膽小鬼。

Pudding face”是指某人的臉又胖又圓。

除此之外,您還可以使用“pudding time”代替“dinner time”

詞彙 1. Pudding 布丁 2. Pudding heart 膽小鬼 3. Pudding face 某人的臉又胖又圓 4. pudding time 晚餐

類別: Idiom 習語

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When we combine the word 'pudding' with other words, we will have different meanings.

Let's see some examples.

1. Pudding head means a stupid person.

2. Pudding heart means someone is coward.

3. Pudding face means someone's face is fat and round.

Apart from this, you can also use pudding time instead of dinner time. Enjoy!

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