Saturday, 8 April 2017

Fun with English - Coffee

Fun with English

It’s time to learn the negative health effects of drinking coffee when you drink too much.  :)

—Con: Can Raise Cholesterol Levels

One negative aspect of coffee is it has been linked to a possible increase in cholesterol levels. The good news is that the increased risk is only present in unfiltered coffee such as espresso and lattes. To avoid the added risk, coffee drinkers need only to use paper coffee filters to capture the 2 substances in coffee, kahweol and cafestol, which are responsible for this risk. There is some evidence that suggests there may be an increased risk of high cholesterol in decaffeinated coffee, but more research needs to be conducted on the subject.

1. Aspect (N.)
Meaning: One part of a subject.

2. Unfiltered  (Adj.)
Meaning:  Not having had solids removed with a filter.

3. Capture (V.)
Meaning: To succeed in getting something.

4. Responsible for (Phrase)
Meaning:  To be the primary cause of something.

5. Decaffeinated (Adj.)
Meaning: Caffeine removed.

6. Conduct (V.)
Meaning: To perform a particular activity.

—Con: Can Lead To Weight Gain

Individuals attempting to lose weight or maintain their current weight may be discouraged to learn that drinking coffee may cause increased weight gain. It is not the coffee itself that is associated with the weight gain, but is the condiments that individuals add to their coffee that can have the unwanted effects. Sugar is the obvious culprit, while milk and cream make matters even worse.

1. Condiment (N.)
Meaning: A substance that you add to food to improve its taste.

2. Culprit (N.)
Meaning: A situation that is the reason for something bad happening.

—Con: Increases Heart Rate And Elevates Blood Pressure

The stimulants in caffeine cause provide an energy boost and increased alertness to individuals who drink it. Those stimulants also cause an elevated heart rate and a temporary rise in blood pressure. That’s because caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which causes a release of adrenaline into the body. Over time, individuals become used to the effect that caffeine has on the body, and they have to drink more coffee to achieve the desired effect. More coffee can result in an even higher heart rate and blood pressure.

1. Elevated (Adj.)
Meaning: Raised.

2. Adrenaline (N.)
Meaning: A hormone produced by the body that makes the heart beat faster and prepares the body to react to danger.



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