Thursday, 10 March 2016

First Conditional - Part 1

First Conditional - Part 1

The pattern of the First Conditional is as follows:

If + (Simple Present Tense),  will + (Base Verb).

It is made up of the condition and the result.

1. We use the First Conditional to talk about events that are likely to happen in the future.


1. If you press this button, all the bells will ring. (Possibilities)

2. If Jeffrey leaves immediately, he will catch the bus. (Possibilities)

3. If it rains heavily, we will stay at home. (Possibilities)

4. If you mess up the toilet, your parents will be very angry. (Warning)

5. If I fail the exam, my dad will be mad. (Warning)

6. If I see you tomorrow, I will tell you the secret. (Future Plan)

7. You will have bad luck if you put a hat on a bed. (Superstition) 

Conditional Clause

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