Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Second Conditional - If I...?

     lived   (Answer 4)    

I would not buy a car if I lived near a train station.


Second Conditional

The pattern of the Second Conditional is as follows:

If + (Simple Past Tense), would + (Base Verb).

1. We use the Second Conditional when we talk about the situation is impossible or it is unlikely to happen.


1. If I had one million dollars, I would buy a Ferrari.

2. If we knew how to solve the problem, we would help you.

3. If you quitted smoking, you would feel better.

2. We can use ‘If I were you’ in the Second Conditional to give advice.


1. If I were you, I would leave Hong Kong and look for a new place to live. 

2. If I were you, I would go back to school and study. 

3. We can also use ‘should’, ’could’ or ‘might’ instead of ‘would’ in the Second Conditional.


1a. If I had more money, I could buy a vacation home in Japan.

1b. If I had more money, I might buy a vacation home in Japan.

4. We use ‘were’ to replace ‘was’ in the Second Conditional.


1. If I were in China, I would visit the Great Wall.

2. If I were the President, I would help the poor.

3. If he were taller, he would be a good football player.

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